Aalter-Beernem Removal of Overpasses

Start of the construction
End of the construction

Removal of Overpasses and replacement with bridge and bicycle and pedestrian tunnel

Between 2015 and 2017, we realized the construction of a bridge, three underpasses and the construction of the connecting roads for this project. This project is part of Infrabel's ambition to rid the busy L50A between Ghent and Bruges of all risky level crossings. These achievements have allowed four existing level crossings to be removed and replaced by one bridge (KW10) and three underpasses (KW11, KW15 and KW17).

The three underpasses were all prefabricated on site. During a weekend in which rail traffic was interrupted, we pushed the tunnels into their final location using a jacking operation. Afterwards, we built the ramps and then finished the new cycle paths in the tunnel. In this way we immediately created three new conflict-free underpasses. With this project, BAM Contractors demonstrated that it is a reliable partner for the execution of works along tracks that remain in service, taking into account all safety risks. At the same time, we proved that we are able to carry out critical operations in a limited timeframe.

The architecturally high quality bridge KW10 at Nieuwendam in Aalter

The main span is 35 meters, and the two smaller spans are approximately 18 meters long. The architectural piers were concreted with custom formwork. During a weekend of total track interruption between Ghent and Bruges, the 21 prefabricated girders were driven in and placed with two heavy duty telescopic cranes. Afterwards, thanks to the perfectly prepared formwork, the bridge could be concreted, post-tensioned and finished on site, while the tracks remained in service. Afterwards, the connecting roads were also constructed by STADSBADER CONTRACTORS.