Family of Stadsbader Group

STADSBADER CONTRACTORS is part of the Stadsbader Group. As a result, we can rely on a partner that also prioritises stability and growth. With effective vertical integration in the field of equipment and production entities, and by pooling the expertise of over 1,750 employees, our group is one of the biggest construction partners in Belgium.


More than 150 years of experience. This means many generations have helped to build expertise, exchange experience and realise iconic projects. Our history reads like a story of growth, interwoven with periods of prosperity as well as challenges. This includes founding and merging companies, and the odd international dimension in the plot.

The common denominator throughout our story has been, and is still today, our focus on satisfied customers while respecting the safety and well-being of our colleagues and partners, the environment, quality and innovation. So it is no surprise that this is also one of the core principles of Stadsbader Group. They offered us a safe haven in 2022, from where we can continue writing our story together.

Explicit and reliable commitment

No 'policy statement', but 'Our Commitment': this is more than just a collection of words. “Our Commitment” is a promise from every colleague. Not only the management board, but every link in our company is committed to aligning all activities with our ambition, vision and values.

This commitment allows us to focus on the long term. We strive to fulfil a pioneering role, and maintain our position at the forefront. We do our utmost for our colleagues, customers and society.

Proximity and quality thanks to own asphalt plant

BV Asphalt was established to strengthen our services and bring us closer to our customers. BV Asphalt is an asphalt producer, and was created as a joint venture between the asphalt plants of STADSBADER CONTRACTORS in Vinalmont and those of Viabuild in Grimbergen. The synergies between both plants enable us to achieve our mission: To offer our customers the best service in terms of safety, quality and availability.

This means we can rely on experienced employees, who bundle their knowledge and expertise to focus on reliability as well as innovation. At the same time, the two plants allow us to reduce the transport distance to construction sites. Wherever possible, we also transport our raw materials and other materials by water. We therefore act as a reliable as well as a sustainable partner. BV Asphalt stands for optimisation, innovation and excellence.

Being part of Stadsbader Group also enables synergies to be realised at the asphalt plants. This enables us to expand our network and bring us even closer to our customers.

Doing business for a sustainable society

We are committed to the long term. And this is reflected in every aspect of our services. Our choice of materials, our processes and the end result have one goal: to achieve a sustainable impact for our colleagues, partners and society.

All-round equipment service

Both small and large equipment: lighting, formwork, (eco) containers, tower cranes, machinery, logistics, etc. Our equipment department offers complete peace of mind thanks to services that are tailored to the needs of each specific site. Some of this equipment is renewed on a regular basis in order to meet the highest environmental and safety requirements and equip our projects with the latest technological developments.

The equipment department combines this extensive range of equipment with fast and efficient service, in order to help improve the effectiveness of our projects.