CSR, our approach


Every aspect of our business has proven its effectiveness and durability. We think and act with a long-term vision, in terms of people, planet and profits. We are committed to playing a pioneering role in this regard.

For instance, we provide all resources needed to help ensure a safe and healthy working environment. We have a safety culture where everyone knows and accepts their responsibility. We look after the well-being of our colleagues by focusing on mental resilience, stimulating a positive mindset and motivating everyone to be available for each other. Besides showing compassion for each other, we also display our social commitment by supporting various charities.

Our ambition is not only to deliver an end result that contributes towards a sustainable society, but also to organise the construction process so that we respect the environment and also achieve the environmental objectives That is why we make every effort to deal with all associated aspects in a thoughtful, suitable and effective manner. In order to comply with these commitments, we have a certified management system that meets the applicable quality, safety and environmental standards.



The CO2 Performance Ladder was created for government contracts to encourage CO2 reductions in the construction sector. The aim of the CO2 Performance Ladder is to map our CO2 emissions and subsequently look for measures and actions that help us to reduce them. In the future, the CO2 Performance Ladder Certificate will show that we have been able to do this in a structural manner, thus realising our contribution towards the global climate objectives.


Not everyone gets the same opportunities. Some people face special challenges, and deserve extra support. As a company where “commitment” is such a central theme, we see it as our responsibility to pay attention to and take action on behalf of the most vulnerable people in society.

The following campaigns and organisations have already been able to rely our support: Stichting tegen kanker (foundation against cancer), levensloop, vzw Akindo voor kansarme gezinnen (non-profit organisation for underprivileged families), construction of maternity ward for the hospital of Madagascar, construction of houses for the local population in Sri Lanka, Medi-Clowns, vzw De Regenboog voor kansarmen met een handicap (Rainbow non-profit organisation for underprivileged people with disabilities), etc.


Together we create space