De Lijn, City of Antwerp and Flemish Government, Antwerp Roads and Traffic Agency
Start of the construction
End of the construction

Brabo II, a major PPP project in the field of mobility and transport in Antwerp

The partners of the Joint Venture Tramcontractors Bouw collaborated on this major project for more than four years and, with their contribution, are killing two birds with one stone: improving traffic flow and participating in the transformation to sustainable mobility solutions. The major works started in 2016 and include, in addition to the construction of new streetcar lines and roads, making the Noorderleien and other traffic axes more safe. Thanks to the infrastructural modifications along the extended route, the accessibility of the city of Antwerp and the Port of Antwerp should be ensured for all modes of transport. The new tram will pass along the Noorderleien, along Spoor Noord and Kempenstraat, to the Havana terminus at Luchtbal. All the interventions should also improve the road safety of all road users and guarantee the quality of life in the city. In addition to the construction of new tram lines and roads on, for example, Noorderleien and Noorderlaan (with 18 km of tram tracks) including the renewal of the sewers, the project also includes the construction of 4 new traction stations along the route, the construction of a new pre-metro tunnel the renovation of the Opera pre-metro station, the construction of two new road tunnels and an underground parking garage under the Opera Square (with the realization of the new traffic-free Opera Square), the construction of a new London Bridge and a new steel tram bridge, the construction of a P+R parking lot and a bicycle storage facility on the Havana site.