E40 Reyers
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Renovation of the roof panels of the Reyers-E40 tunnels and the Diamond Station

The roofs of the Reyers-E40 tunnels and the Diamant pre-metro station were in poor condition. In addition, the new Eurocodes prescribe higher tax rates on the tunnel roofs. The Joint Venture, together with their partner Bureau Greisch, was responsible for the study of the project, the determination of the renovation methods and their implementation. The Joint Venture carried out the design and construction work. We completely broke down the roofs of the E40- Reyers tunnels and rebuilt them. The four entrances and exits of the tunnel at the Auguste Reyerslaan were narrowed to one lane. After thorough studies, we installed new LED lighting in the tunnels, the intensity of which is automatically adjusted according to the weather situation. Light cameras are used for this purpose.