R12 Mechelen
Flemisch Governement, Agency for Roads and Traffic, Antwerp
Start of the construction
End of the construction

Temporary redevelopment of the Vesten (R12) in Mechelen

Commissioned by the Agency for Roads and Traffic in collaboration with the city of Mechelen, we are making the Mechelen ring road (the Vesten) a one way road. The project is carried out in 6 phases, in which all kinds of (small) interventions are made per phase to make one directional traffic possible on the outer ring road. On the inner ring road we provide a double cycle path of 3m and a lane specifically for buses and local traffic.

We have to make minor interventions of the existing infrastructure, construction of new temporary bus stops, marking, renewal of the final vertical signage, etc. . In order to carry out all these works between traffic and minimize nuisance as much as possible, intensive consultations were held together with the coordinator of Mechelen. These temporary interventions are then assessed whether it has a positive influence on the traffic flow and to adjust the design of the final Vesten accordingly. The intention is to build the final Vesten from 2024.