Machelen Woluwelaan

Machelen Woluwelaan
Flemish Government, Agency for Roads and Traffic Flemish Brabant
Start of the construction
End of the construction

Refurbishment of Woluwelaan (R22) in Machelen between Kerklaan and Haachtsesteenweg

Including the complex R0/ E19/R22 With this project, we implemented several flanking measures as part of the realisation of the Uplace complex on the Woluwelaan in Machelen. This pre-project 1 involved the renovation and partial reconstruction of the R0-R22 junction complex to allow traffic to flow between the Ring around Brussels (R0) and the Woluwelaan (R22). In this same pre-project, we also constructed a bicycle tunnel so that a flyover for traffic along Woluwelaan could be realised.