Genk Railway bridge

De Vlaamse Waterweg
Start of the construction
End of the construction

Replacement old railway bridge

With the realisation of this project, we increased the vertical clearance at the railway bridge in Genk. To this end, we replaced the old three-span railway bridge with a new two-span bridge.

The assignment included the following works:

  • Modification of the tracks of L21C including earthworks, track works and cable works
  • Renewal of the railway bridge over the Albert Canal, including demolition of the piers and construction of a new central pillar in the canal
  • Complete demolition of the road bridge on the right bank
  • Conversion of the road bridge on the left bank into a retaining wall
  • Demolition of road embankment and excavation of embankments
  • Construction of two new railway bridges (trough bridge type) on left and right banks
  • Construction of roads and sewers
  • Construction of a new quay wall
  • Demolition of a bunker
  • Renewal of bank and towpath